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this is me trying to summon the legend
this is me trying to summon the legend at my desk

John Scott is basically my favourite hockey player currently, who is a very close-second behind Mikael Backlund. I don’t have a soft spot for the culture of enforcers, nor the actual role itself. I just like him. At the very core of John Scott is someone whose personal characteristics, along with the way he’s portrayed in social media is someone you can identify with. A lot of the time, you see a lot of professional athletes with sheltered personalities, a situation the NHL is ripe with. To make matters worse, the interview format and actual portrayal of these mere mortals is watered down. They’re boring, they give the same cliche answers, and they often never “wow” us.

John Scott is different, because beneath the image of a marginally-skilled NHLer is a man, with a family and he seems kind of cool. Be it the goal last season which spawned a t-shirt. Which spawned a photo of him wearing said t-shirt. Which in turn spawned a shirt of him wearing the aforementioned shirt. To the photos of him previous in Buffalo with his adorable daughter as he towered over her. To the heartwarming photo of him with his daughter at the family skate prior to the Stadium Series. These are all things, that surprisingly enough resonate to some varying to degree with me.

I own several relics, autographed by the legend himself. Two rookie cards, one regular card, two autographed photos, and a Stadium Series puck. I collect them because at some point I hope that I can summon him so we can be friends in real life. Seriously, John if you’re in Edmonton come over and let’s eat pizza.

He also tried to murder Phil Kessel once.

this is proudly displayed at work. I paid $12 for it and it was worth it.
this is proudly displayed at work. I paid $12 for it and it was worth it.

When I first discovered John Scott’s existence it was like many of you: when he tried to slay Phil. I’m already a huge Kessel fan because he’s as introverted as I am but that’s besides the point. In that moment, as Phil hacked away at the gargantuan embodiment of fists I wanted to learn more about him. I did my research and came to the conclusion, initially, that he sucked. But as time went by, the lingering notion of John Scott stuck with me. It wasn’t until last season, when I became a 100% fan of John Scott. His elite-level goal scoring last season was remarkable and I hopped on the bandwagon.

Now, this season that streak of Sidney Crosby level scoring ability could be in jeopardy.

John is the very last of a dying breed of player, who in a decade (which is a fair guess) will likely be extinct. The game is changing now as those men of the Scott ilk are from a bygone era who intimidated foes, fought valiantly, and occasionally scored the surprising goal. Now, after a career season with the Sharks, he’s on the fringe of playing regularly if not at all with the Arizona Coyotes. We need to preserve his existence in the NHL and delay the extinction by voting him into the All-Star Game this season.

The fact that he’s getting such a surge of voting reminiscent of the Vote For Rory (Fitzpatrick) days is promising, if not a little misguided. Vote for him because he is the true captain of any hockey team he plays for. Vote him because he tried to murder Phil Kessel once. Vote for him because you know in your heart that him scoring at the ASG will be breathtaking. But more importantly:

Vote for John Scott because it’s incredibly likely that if he went to the game, he would make it fun. He’s a funny guy and he would probably make the game more watchable. No one cares about glorified skills-competitions that are at half-speed, with no heart, grit, or pugnacity. Give us a game, with John Scott lighting it up, and hopefully becoming the MVP. Give us CAPTAIN John Scott, of the Pacific Division All-Stars.

He is our true god-king. He is the best NHLer in the league. He is John Scott.


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